Saturday, February 5, 2011

Packer Pops

In honor of Super Bowl XLV, the company where I work had a potluck today so I decided to make Packer Pops! I used chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, dipped in yellow and green candy melts and garnished with, you guessed it, green and yellow sprinkles!

The potluck started at 11am and the Packer Pops were gone within a half an hour! I brought in about 35…I definitely underestimated their popularity. They were a huge hit with everyone and I am happy to say they were thoroughly enjoyed :)

I followed the same instructions I used when I made my chocolate cake pops and sprinkled them with green and yellow sugar and then tried a “swirl” technique with the candy melts. The results were beautiful! It was a perfect blend of the two colors to create almost a helmet look to the pop.

Bouquet of swirled cake pops

Bouquet of sprinkled cake pops

A nice mixture of sprinkled cake pops and swirled cake pops…yum!

Go Packers!!


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